Peco Set Track Points

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Peco Set Track Points

Postby AliG » Sun Apr 04, 2021 12:05 pm

Hi. Have a double oval track layout. Why can I not get a run around point setup to work?
In other words, I want to connect both ovals using ST5's & ST6's.
When I set the points to cross over, the voltage drops from typically 10v to 1.5v.
It would seem that a run round loop is OK on an end to end layout as shown in the Peco Set Track layout booklet, but they do not show this option for a double oval.
Please help.

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Re: Peco Set Track Points

Postby Bufferstop » Sun Apr 04, 2021 12:56 pm

You may have your power clips connected wrongly. try reversing the wires to one of them, or fitting it to the opposite side of the track. Forwards and Reverse are not the most useful way to label the direction switch, and calling the terminals on the back of the controller positive and negative is not that much better as when you go in reverse the polarity reverses.
If you are using just one controller and a link wire between the two loops reverse the link wire, either by reversing the wires into ONE of the connectors, if you are using two controllers reverse the connector for one of them.
I suspect this is why the plan booklets are so quiet about it. They don't want to get tied up in explaining it to all sorts of different people.
If your wires are red and black (always useful) the simple test is "follow the rail from one red, it should never run into a black!"
By the way, the fact that you get 1.5v not zero is indicating that the short circuit created in this configuration may have caused some oxidation where the switch rails meet the stock rails when you switch to connect the loops. I'm going to suggest that you do something that isn't normally recommended, get some fine "wet and dry" sandpaper, trap it between the point blades and the stock rail, rub it back and forth, then trap it the other way round and repeat, then do the other bade and then the blades on the other point. It can also cause similar oxidation of the rail joiners between the points, pull them apart and close them together a few times to re-establish a good connection.
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