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Hornby Range Lists

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Hornby 2009 Information - Steam Locomotives

Hornby Model Railway Bassett-Lowke 2009 Hornby Model Railway Digital Sound 2009 Hornby Model Railway Diesel / Electric Locomotives 2009 Hornby Model Railway Steam Engines 2009 Hornby Model Railway Train Packs 2009 Hornby Model Railway Train Sets 2009 Hornby Model Railway Coaches 2009 Hornby Model Railway Wagons 2009 - hoppers, flatbed, van, guards van Hornby Model Railway Railroad Range 2009 Hornby Model Railway Thomas and Friends 2009 Hornby Model Railway Skaledale 2009 Hornby Model Railway Skale Autos 2009

Steam Locomotives and Limited Editions

LMS Princess Coronation Class, “City of Manchester”


BR (Late) Class 5


SR 4-4-0 Class T9 “Greyhound”


BR 4-4-0 Class T9 “Greyhound”


BR 4-4-0 Class T9 “Greyhound” Weathered


SR Class N15 “Sir Valence” No. 767


SR Class M7


BR Class (Late) J94


BR Clan Class locomotive 6P5F


BR Standard Class 72000

Clan Class

Introduced: 1952

Purpose: Mixed Traffic

No. in Class: 10


All named after Scottish Clans

Operated in the North of England and Scotland.

“Hengist” being built by enthusiasts.


BR (Early) Standard Class, “Clan Buchanan”


BR (Late) Standard Class, “Clan Macleod”


BR (Late) Schools Class “Winchester”


SR Schools Class “Dulwich”


BR (Early) Schools Class “St. Lawrence”


GWR / BR Castle Class.  Introduced: 1923

Purpose: Mainly Passenger

No. in Class: 165


Operated on all areas of the Great Western Railway


GWR Castle Class, “Tintagel Castle”


BR (Early) Castle Class “Beveston Castle”


BR (Late) Castle Class “Ince Castle”


Special Editions

“Whatever I do and wherever I go, you can be sure that not far away will be one of my model railway engines, I am the first to admit, it is an all consuming hobby and one I absolutely adore.”  Pete Waterman, “A Train is for Life!”

The Pete Waterman Collection

A series of collectable locomotives and models selected by
the music impresario, Pete Waterman



The Pete Waterman Collection is a fine selection of limited production models specifically chosen by Pete Waterman as models of distinction and worthy of being part of a model railway enthusiasts collection. 

BR Royal Scot Class  “Royal Scot”

BR Princess Royal Class  “Princess Elizabeth”


GWR Castle Class “Earl Cairns”


The Commonwealth Collection

A series of Class A4 locomotives carrying the names of
Commonwealth Countries

BR Class A4 “Commonwealth of Australia”


BR Class A4 “Dominion of New Zealand”


Limited Edition – 2009

SR Schools Class “Cheltenham”


GWR 4-2-2 “Duke of Edinburgh”, Dean 3031 Class

Limited Edition with certificate of 2000


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Hornby Extension Track Pack D


Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack E - R8225

Hornby Extension Track Pack E


Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack F - R8226

Hornby Extension Track Pack F


Hornby Trakmat

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