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    2.    Detailing Kits

    3.    Glazing

    4.    Repainting    -    Part 1:    Paint Removal

                                        Part 2:    Primer

                                        Part 3:    First Coat of Colour                                      

   5.    Renumbering


As many people have noticed. many of the windows on ready to run locos are often not flush with the body work. This can make the difference between an average model and a great model. More modern engineered models do not have this problem and if they do they shouldn't. Basically this problem was due to lazy modelling by the manufactures, settling with what looks ok. Now if you have an old model which does not have flush glazing then there are products on the market to rectify this.

Flush-Glaze (Price 1.66 per model,) produced by South Eastern Finecast, is a replacement for the original glass. It is model specific and the range looks extensive in terms of Hornby replacements (Not sure if they produce for other manufacturers). It came with instructions which were helpful. The windows themselves cam as a sheet of vacuum formed clear plastic (the stuff display packaging come in). I purchased on kit for my 08 Hornby shunter which had no windows (See model and kit contents below).

Hornby Model Railway Flush-Glaze Modification

You have to cut them first before you fit them. It can be a bit tricky not to get glue on them. Best to test the fit then glue. The overall look is good, with larger windows looking better.

Hornby Model Railway Flush-Glaze Modification Close Up 

 Before (no glass) 

Hornby Model Railway After Flush-Glaze Modification Close Up

With Flush glaze

The main problem most people will have is opening up there model. you will need to take the bottom of the body off. This is do able but I find it very difficult on some models or even impossible without fear of braking it. If you are thinking of doing this first check that you can get Inside your model and that you feel comfortable doing so. There is no point damaging your model for the sake of flush glass.

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Hornby Model Shop

R8312 - E-Link Computer Controlled Model Railway

Hornby E-Link
Computer Control


Hornby Model Railway Train Sets - Hornby Mixed Freight Train Set - R1126

Hornby DCC Mixed Freight Train Set


Hornby Trakmat

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack A - R8221

Hornby Extension Track Pack A


Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack B - R8222

Hornby Extension Track Pack B


Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack C - R8223

Hornby Extension Track Pack C


Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack D - R8224

Hornby Extension Track Pack D


Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack E - R8225

Hornby Extension Track Pack E


Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack F - R8226

Hornby Extension Track Pack F


Hornby Trakmat

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