Help me answer 2 question

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Help me answer 2 question

Post by EugeneSimon »

I apologize if this question has come up previously; I attempted to search for information but came up empty-handed. I often come across advertisements, particularly on Hatton's website, for locomotives that are advertised as having etched brass nameplates affixed to the sides of the locomotives using adhesive. I have a two-part inquiry: First, what type of adhesive is recommended for securing an etched nameplate onto the side of a plastic-bodied diesel locomotive? Second, could you please share the most effective technique for ensuring proper alignment and preventing any excess adhesive residue from marring the locomotive's body?
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Re: Help me answer 2 question

Post by Bigmet »

First all, welcome.

The 'adhesive' I use is a narrow and thin stripe of Matt Varnish on the rear of the nameplate.

Alignment, a steel rule lying on the body held down by a couple of 'hot wheat bags' which I steal temporarily from the Mrs.

I only do this in summer (the wheat bags are therefore not in use, they are for winter arthritic complaints) for the brightest possible lighting on the job because that eliminates my variable astigmatism. And of course it's one side at a time, 24 hours or more apart. I have up until now been able to do the handling with my own fingers, put one end in the right place against the rule, and drop the other end. Gentle pressure with a clean brush to ensure it is flat. (Someday the dexterity will depart... Grrr! )
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Re: Help me answer 2 question

Post by stuartp »

As Bigmet's answer usually. Alternatively, the thinnest smear of PVA on the back.

Absolutely not superglue or any type of epoxy or solvent (Evostick, Bostick) under any circumstances. No way, no how.
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