Complete beginner in DCC

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Re: Complete beginner in DCC

Postby Bigmet » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:47 pm

Montfort wrote:Thanks. Too much money for a poor guy like me.

There's no need to throw money at DCC, but there is very definitely a minimum budget that has to be factored for. If DCC is what you want then at minimum it's the system, and then a decoder per loco, at whatever cost these items are. If you are patient enough to play the long game there may be good s/h or discount prices (I do this a lot for locos and stock: just wait quietly, eventually everything comes up at an acceptable price). There are also DIY kits for DCC, but how these work out for price I don't know, nor have I met a builder and user of such a system.

But don't forget regular DC. Your DCC fitted loco is really a conventional 12V DC item, the DCC decoder is an overlay. Provided the decider is still set with DC enabled (RTR DCC fitted is sold in this configuration) then it will run on a DC controller. (It may run yet better if the decoder is unplugged and a blanking plug put in the socket.)

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