Easy fix for Lima diesels with loose body shells

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Ken Shabby
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Easy fix for Lima diesels with loose body shells

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I have 3 Lima locos where the body shells were loose which made them difficult to handle. One was a Class 37 with a very smart green Triang body shell, the other 2 were both Class 33 chassis from the spares box , one with a later Lima body and the other with a Hornby Railroad body.
Annoyingly Lima had at some point slightly changed the design of the Class 33 chassis so that the later bodies weren't just a straight swop,
I had to file the chassis slightly, which made them fit but not tight enough to allow them to be handled without the body shell coming off.
Because of this these 3 locos saw little use and an attempt to secure the bodies using those long bolts from Triang Mk1 coaches didn't work because the ballast weight gets in the way.
Finally I found a easy and very quite fix.
Strips of electrical insulation tape, stuck to the side of the chassis above sole bar level 2 layers thick. This can't be seen once the body is in place and it thickens the chassis sides causing a tighter fit and allowing you to handle the loco without the chassis and heavy ballast weight falling onto the floor. At the same time the body is easy to remove for sevicing.
Hope this was of interest,
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Re: Easy fix for Lima diesels with loose body shells

Post by Mountain »

Thanks Ken. I normally add a hidden screw somewhere, but it isn't always easy.
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