Static grass box alternative

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Static grass box alternative

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Having seen videos of static grass box applicators and their great effect at making tufts of grass, off the layout, I was considering buying one. But before I went out and spent £40, I thought I would try an experiment. I connected a crocodile clip and wire to the probe inside my static grass applicator and connected it to a sheet of aluminium. I then stuck cling film to it and dropped some glue in dots and lines on the cling film. I then put static grass on another aluminium sheet, connected the original ground crocodile lead to it and then held the glued sheet upside down above it. The result is just like the video's of proprietary boxes, the grass jumps up to the plate with glue on, really straight and makes great tufts.
You could use any metal, like the lid from a chocolate box or biscuit tin or even a jam jar lid.
The point being, if you have a static grass applicator, with the addition of an extra wire and two crocodile clips and some metal sheets, then you also have a static grass/flock box!
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Re: Static grass box alternative

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I trust you are taking all precautions when handling metal sheets attached to a few kV, like discharging the leads before trying to remove them. We'll know you weren't if you turn up with a strange glow in your eyes. :mrgreen:
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