N Gauge Layout Design Help

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N Gauge Layout Design Help

Postby tqboz » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:05 pm

Hi all I am planning my first layout, N Gauge and I have a space big enough for a layout 200cm by 80cm

Here is my in progress design


I am not at all bothered about if the layout is true to life, correct in design etc.

I am looking to build a fun train going round layout.

The middle two loops of track, would be a modernish era branch line, the lower track that loops around the top, would be a heritage steam railway.

Where the track is disconnected it would of course be connected so the lower track would be in a tunnel and the higher track on top of the tunnel.
The lower track would rise from the bottom left corner to probably halfway along the top straight of track, I am aiming for a viaduct along this piece of straight track.
With a canal below.

My problem is the centre area originally I was thinking a country village, but it is quite a big area, so I added a bit of track for an engine shed.

Now I am thinking about adding a river and small dock yard in this area, with the village town very close by, so it would resemble what Weymouth would have been like.
Where the train track is actually apart of the road.

But I am head scratching at the best place for a river to enter and the dock to be and how to plan the track along this road/dock.

If that makes sense, any ideas?

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Re: N Gauge Layout Design Help

Postby georgehgv » Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:32 pm

Hi Tq, looks goo,d but not many replies here, sent you PM
Enjoying the ride playing trains like never before. Building a model railway but not too specialised.

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