DPD fail...

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DPD fail...

Post by Buelligan »

I've not been in a position to purchase anything railway related for a while, and had to cancel my pre-orders for other things. Got made redundant, and thought I'd treat myself to a few bits, so I ordered a Bachmann B1, Hornby Lemberg, in black, and a Scenecraft Great Central station high level entrance. Great, really looking forward to it, cheer myself up a bit. I got a notification that it was being delivered, but no one was home, so I was annoyed I was going to miss it, but not a problem, I'll get it from the neighbours or whatever drop off point they leave it at... Later I get another notification, saying my parcel has successfully been delivered, stating it was delivered to me, with a photo for confirmation, except I wasn't there and the photo was of the drivers hand.
When I got home there was a card through the door, with the words "over fence" on it. Sure enough, I go outside and there is a now battered box lying on the path. When I opened it I was hopeful all would be ok with the amount of bubble wrap inside the box, but sadly the drop seems to have broken part of the cast resin building, and Lemberg, the footplate had come off, as had the boiler dome, and another loose part in the box that I've no idea what it was or where it goes. The seller was fine and sent a returns label and will replace, but it annoys me so much that couriers think it's ok to just drop things over a fence. If it was a soft package that was obviously clothes or something then fine, but a big, heavy box, it's just so stupid. Now to hope they send it via a different courier, or I get a different DPD driver on the day, as they're usually very good (looking on the security cameras it wasn't the usual driver).

I do wish I had a good model shop in reasonable distance, at least then you can collect it yourself.
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Roger (RJ)
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Re: DPD fail...

Post by Roger (RJ) »

Probably broken before it was loaded on the delivery van.
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Re: DPD fail...

Post by Phred »

Gawd that is so annoying.
I'm glad we don't have that 'leave it with a neighbour' nonsense in Australia. I wouldn't trust most of my neighbours as far as I could fling them.
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Re: DPD fail...

Post by aleopardstail »

have had fun with DPD, though not local.

previous address I had ordered some storage boxes, got a message saying they "had been left by the back porch"

hmm.. didn't have a back porch, and even if I did there would have been a 6' fence with a locked gate to get near it

this of course actually meant "thrown over back fence", landing on concrete, in the rain

the storage boxes survived, the packaging less so
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Re: DPD fail...

Post by Peterm »

Phred wrote: Fri May 03, 2024 10:15 pm Gawd that is so annoying.
I'm glad we don't have that 'leave it with a neighbour' nonsense in Australia. I wouldn't trust most of my neighbours as far as I could fling them.
For anything of value or if it's delicate, I have things sent to my Parcel Collect at Bongaree. So far so good, but if I see a parcel that's damaged, I can open it in front of the people so that there's no arguments.
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Re: DPD fail...

Post by kebang »

When ever possible my purchases are COD. The courier has to meet me at my house in person to collect the cash and I get to see a parcel in good condition before I part with the said cash
Works fine for purchases of most goods here in Philippines, probably not as easy to do in UK and other countries.
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Re: DPD fail...

Post by Screwdriver »

On some occassions I've observed the DPD driver get my parcel out of the van and drop it on the floor. The last model railway items I purchased, I had a choice of DPD or ParcelForce, so I went with the latter. They are normally very good around here.
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Re: DPD fail...

Post by RAF96 »

My DPD driver is excellent and we are on first name terms. He knows I will ask him to take a picture showing me, the parcel and my house number in it. That way there is no argument.
They also now offer to use a local drop off/delivery point as an alternative if you aren't going to be home.
Fedex are also excellent as are Royal Mail / Parcel Force - in our area.
The rest are variable including Amazon.
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