Woodland Scenic risers across baseboards

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Woodland Scenic risers across baseboards

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Has anyone taken Woodland Scenic risers across baseboards and got any tips? I would have used the brass screw method to hold the track but not at all sure how that would work with foam. I'm also using their foam rail track bed. I can experiment with glueing the screws in place but also wonder if I'm relying on glue anyway maybe there is no point adding the screws, just making sure the whole thing is well glued down?
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Re: Woodland Scenic risers across baseboards

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I know the stuff you mean, haven't used it but have used similar

if you mean across board joins, and joins that will be dismantled more than "very rarely" I would suggest getting some thing ply (4-6mm) and cutting it to make an "end" for the polystyrene to protect it, could use 2mm styrene sheet as well.

would then take some styrene sheet (maybe 1mm) or thick card similar and add that to the top of the scenic riser, maybe 3"-4" long, glue that in place, should be able to glue copper clad sleepers to it towards the end. with card PVA will soak in and make it pretty solid, plastic is pretty solid anyway. the end facing wood/plastic isn't strictly needed but will stop it getting knocked and keep it stable.

just glued track should be ok but with gradual expansion and contraction having 2-3 stuck down sleepers to be firmly soldered to should help
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