Hattons own range wagons

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Hattons own range wagons

Postby Bigmet » Mon Oct 25, 2021 5:20 pm

Been gifted a Hattons Warwell by a friend, and am very much taken with it. Largely die cast construction body, extremely free rolling, very fine wheelsets, everything to like about it. I have as usual with my wagons fitted it with shortened Bachmann pattern miniature tension locks in shortened NEM pockets and it looks very good close coupled, gives the well executed sprung buffers some work to do on curves. Neat feature, inset on the underside is a plastic moulding with 'plank' detail, which would bridge the gap between such wagons for loading and off loading wheeled and tracked vehicles, if the wagons are close coupled: it rests on top of the screw jack frames and the clipped tops of the bufferheads.

Nice though the paint job is, it will be given BR's standard in-service freight stock livery of filth and rust. I plan to load mine with some hefty manufacturing plant on delivery, as it was the only time I saw one in service not long after steam was withdrawn.

Anyone else with other examples from Hattons own wagon range, are they equally good? I hope so because I will definitely be interested in future if they make another subject that interests me.

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Re: Hattons own range wagons

Postby Mountain » Tue Oct 26, 2021 9:15 am

Though I am no longer modelling in 00, I do say that when I was, if they looked the part and they rolled well and one of my locos could pull a rake of them I was happy... As long as the price was affordable. If the price was too high I would not buy them no matter how well detailed they were. This does not mean I would not admire them.
I think price is just as important as detail.

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