Trix Twin Railway.

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Re: Trix Twin Railway.

Postby Bufferstop » Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:43 pm

This thread has certainly woken a few of my memory cells not heard from in many years. A friend, who went on to open a model shop, aquired a large box of Trix Twin stuff which we attempted to get running. Bakelite track base with three of the most enormous rolled tinplate rails and an AC twin train transformer. His layout of the time was Triang where turning the controller clockwise or anti clock always resulted in the train going in the same direction, no matter which way round it faced on the track. My layout was Hornby Dublo three rail so turning the controller to forward sent the loco chimney first and reverse went bunker first. Trix Twin AC had a mind of its own turning the knob started the loco moving, which way seemed to be totally unpredictable, but if it wasn't the way you wanted, you pressed the button in the middle and it reversed. So you had two locos on the same track and no control over which way they were going to start moving. We rapidly lost interest once that principle had been established.
I only saw any of the stuff once again when it appeared on a stall at the school fundraiser day, where he had a length of track set up with the loco at the centre and two plastic cups standing on the track one either end of the loco. He was taking bets on which cup would be knocked over when the controller was turned. He collected a few bob for the funds in that afternoon, but the deputy head took a keen interest in what he was up to the rest of the term.
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Re: Trix Twin Railway.

Postby Alexander Court » Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:42 pm

Lysander wrote:Alexander - you may be interested to know that your Trix four-wheeler body was only made between 1936 and 1939. Trix made a four-wheel Full Brake to accompany it and both can be found in LNER livery, also. A bit of history you have there.


I wouldn't mind acquiring a few of each type in each livery for conversion as they are rather nice little things, I'd love to do a micro layout with them, like a nice small branch layout, could even be continuous run, an LMS liveried L&YR pug would be nice with them, or for the LNER maybe a sentinel shunter or if you had a Y7 perhaps?

1936 to 1939 makes it 81 to 84 years old? Paintwork is pretty good for its age then! Does this mean it was made in Nazi Germany? were they made in Germany even?

Mountain wrote:That is one interesting little coach! It almost looks like a Hornby 4 wheel coach!

But not as rediculously tall!

Bufferstop wrote:...But once they developed the TensionLock design, and merged with Hornby (bought out would be more accurate) that was the universal design in the UK. They never patented it, probably they though having cornered the market they didn't need to.

And Now we have lots of various different versions of the tension lock coupler, and a lot of them don't like being coupled to eachother!


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Re: Trix Twin Railway.

Postby windcutter9f » Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:45 am

It`s a pity that British Trix in their wisdom chose to model the superbly free running Mk1 coaches in 3.87mm scale,here is one of my refinshed coaches in crimson & cream & a train of refinished SR green Mk1s behind a Dublo WC.The difference in scale is not so noticeable in a complete train but you can`t mix a 4mm scale coach with them.



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