Let's Tango! O2 to be produced

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Re: Let's Tango! O2 to be produced

Postby Bigmet » Thu May 21, 2020 10:23 am

Bigmet wrote:Hurrah, Heljan have the O2/1 and O2/2 in their 2020 programme

I wonder if this will now show up. At the expensive end of the RTR loco market, and the first batch of LNER versions didn't sell swiftly. And the interest group for this model has at least six alternative temptations for much the same money set before it, scheduled to arrive at much the same time: Accurascale Deltic, Bachmann V2, Hornby A2/2, A2/3, W1 original form, W1 rebuild form. There are a few more yet, but these I see as the leading competitors; at least for those that share my interest in ECML during the last half dozen years of steam traction.

We seem to have a 'famine and feast' situation with LNER and BR(ER) traction. Hornby went hog wild on LNER locos about a decade ago - not that I am ungrateful! - and with some additional inputs from Bachmann, Heljan and Rapido, my budget was under pressure over several years. Then very quiet, very quiet indeed, until the Oxford N7 and Dapol NBL DE type 2 emerged over the past year. BUT! Coming soon to a model shop near you, a major range of choices in LNER and BR(ER) large traction units. (Frankly, other than the O2/2 and V2, I would have preferred 'smaller stuff' like the J6, J17 or J69, but these at least I can get on with making myself.)

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