Bachmann, no new OO announcements for 2020

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Re: Bachmann, no new OO announcements for 2020

Postby Bigmet » Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:38 am

A 'happy days' price for the 3F. (That's roughly a third the price the parts would cost if you were inclined to build a model to match it from a decent kit.)

I have one, must be knocking ten years old, from Bachmann's little 'round' of pre-group 0-6-0s of the late nineteenth to early twentieth century*. Looks right, overall trouble free and runs very sweetly when it bimbles onto my ER layout on the task of a few wagons or ECS being transferred between LMR and ER.

The user settable slide for the loco to tender spacing is a really neat feature, and combined with a hinging fall plate looks really well if your layout curves allow the spacing to be set to scale or very close to scale.

I had one surprise when it came to installing the decoder in the tender. If you look at the diagram you can see the hooks at the front of the tender body that clip into the tender footplate. To release the tender top after the two awkwardly placed rear securing screws are removed, you hinge the tender body up from the rear. And 'ping' off flew the moulding of the tender step with the handrail and brake wheel stanchion detail on it! Unless Bachmann have revised the design I cannot see any way of getting the tender top off without this happening. Not really a problem, once the tender top is replaced a dab of butanone cement 'invisibly' reattached the detail.

*Also the ex GCR Robinson J11 and ex SECR Wainwright C class, all of the above general comments apply, and no troubles with tender top removals on these. You cannot have too many small 0-6-0s, tender and tank. If they ran in your area, they will have turned up sometime in their 'maid of all work' role.

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Re: Bachmann, no new OO announcements for 2020

Postby RailwayRobbo » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:13 am

RailwayRobbo wrote:I've just received an invitation from Bachmann to attend the 'Bachmann New Product Showcase - Midlands' at Hinckley.
I'm a member of the Bachmann Collectors Club and it appears they have started opening this usually 'trade only' event to club members.
It's on Wednesday 5th Feb. Transport is no problem and Hinckley is just over 50 miles away so only about an hour's drive on the A14.
I'm just wondering whether it's worth the effort basically. I'll probably make my mind up on the morning of the 5th.
I'll report back if I do decide to go.


Gave the above a miss I'm afraid.
The better half needed the car.
Nothing to report sorry guys.


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Re: Bachmann, no new OO announcements for 2020

Postby BananaRepublic » Fri Feb 07, 2020 9:26 pm

Just to clarify.
Bachman have switched from making annual announcements.
From the start of 2020, they are now making quarterly announcements, the first of which was made this week at the dealers and members event (New Product Showcase), on the 5th Feb. The next New Product Showcase event will take place in the first week of May.

The quarterly announcements will be for forthcoming releases that will be ready and available in the shops, over the following 3 months.
These will include re-liveries, re-issues and brand new tooling items.
The announcement will also detail which items from the backlog will also be delivered in that 3 month period.
At the moment, they won't be announcing anything that is in the pipeline to be released in the subsequent 3 month period or beyond.

Bachmann have said that there will be very little in the way of brand new tooled models appearing in the first half of the year, other than items that are in the backlog, having been announced in previous years.
Brand new models that have not been previously announced (i.e. that we don't know about yet), will start to appear in later quarterly announcements this year.
For example, models announced in the 3rd quarter, in August, should be available in the shops between August and November. Just in time for Warley.

As many of you know, the annual catalogue that usually details the following years range, including brand new models, re-liveries and re-issues, has not been issued for 2020.
Instead, it has been replaced for 2020, with the Model Railway Combined Volume 2020, which summarises the previous years items, that are still in the range. It's a combined volume, including Branchline, Farish and other Bachmann brand lines, in a single catalogue for the first time.

The new models being released for 2020, which will be announced at the quarterly New Product Showcase, will be listed in a catalogue supplement that will be included in the same quarter's Bachmann Times, members magazine.

Bachmann have switched to this new format, in order to recover from the lengthy and frustrating backlog of model releases and to stop adding to the long list of publicly announced items.
Once they've managed to catch up with the backlog of previously announced models, everything that is announced in future will be available within 3 months of the announcement.

I hope that clarifies the situation for those who are not aware of these changes.


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Re: Bachmann, no new OO announcements for 2020

Postby Bigmet » Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:14 pm

I persist with the feeling that after all their difficulties with an earlier than planned factory closure, and the start up of an all new facility, that Bachmann are now beginning to achieve recovery. It remains to be seen what the impact of Covid-19 will be in all this. A public health crisis is never in anyone's plans.

By the kindness of a friend I had a look at the BRM video covering Bachmann's V2, and that is clearly well advanced: viral impact aside, quite credible that this will appear at year end. Icing the cake, it looks to be a good model of the V2, both exterior appearance and traction, so a significant improvement on what we had before. The mechanism layout looks neat, and the decoder location is in the loco; so that's a change after about ten years of siting decoders in loco tenders. There's a plug together electrical connector with close coupling system between the loco and tender, effectively concealed by the deep outside frames under the cab and the tender. Be interesting to see how well that works, hopefully it has been well engineered for scale spacing on straight or nearly so track, and no slop between the two vehicles. (This is clearly the next gizmo for RTR OO, as it is also featuring in Dapol's range with the new Churchward mogul and Wainwright D class 4-4-0 models.)

Also shown, fully finished specimens of the 94xx and LMS and BR versions of the 1P 0-4-4T, looking well and running with very full loads on Tony Wright's Little Bytham. I don't imagine that these would have been provided for such display by Bachmann unless they were confident of 'follow through' on schedule. Others more expert will have to comment, but the 1P looks the old fashioned Derby business, and the 94xx looked like a brick on wheels, which seems about right.

Those wanting these are going to have to pay however. Bachmann UK are very clearly executing Kader's requirement that they price to yield the same financial return as equivalent product for other markets served by Kader. So it goes...

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Re: Bachmann, no new OO announcements for 2020

Postby Mike Parkes » Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:33 pm

The 1P apparently has traction tyres :evil: It is priced actually slightly less than Hornbys M7 which for some reason has always been a high price.

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Re: Bachmann, no new OO announcements for 2020

Postby Bigmet » Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:05 pm

Interesting point, the comparison to the M7 price. I suspect that a rather fiddly assembly and time spent in getting the pick up wires to the bogie 'dressed' to act as suspension, may have something to do with that. It's a very fine model indeed, and will pull a larger load than many would credit, but only on level track.(One day it may supply its mechanism for a Stirling GNR 0-4-4T model, but for now I will enjoy it as it is.)

Back to Bach's V2, they have gone the flangeless rear truck wheel route. They reckon a 36" radius is required if a flanged wheelset is fitted, but since I have the longer Hornby LNER and Britannia pacific models altered internally to negotiate 30" radius with a flanged rear truck wheelset substituted for the flangeless abomination, I expect the V2 will manage that too, though possibly with a little 'adjustment' required.

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