extra controller for NCE power cab

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extra controller for NCE power cab

Postby billydot » Sun May 26, 2019 7:54 am

Having had previous success on this forum this one may be a bit trickier. Does anyone know of any simple controller I can connect to my NCE Power cab power panel ? I just want a simple speed/forwards/reverse control (whistle button would be nice but not essential) so that visiting small guests can easily control "their" loco. The CAB 06 seems a bit too sophisticated and expensive.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Re: extra controller for NCE power cab

Postby mjb1961 » Sun May 26, 2019 8:28 am

Hi Billydot,,,,I would say only the cab06 ,unless another powercab controler can be used ,there should be a picture on the back of the box sleeve showing how to upgrade ,,,mjb

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