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I've set up this page because my signature has gone over the 100 character limit, and I felt it was becoming necessary to have some sort of statement about the opinions I might express.

If you discover broken links to PhotoBucket in any of my posts PM me. I have virtually all of my uploaded images on Flickr. If I can't find it there, I have all the images from my PC, present one and its predecessor backed up on Google Images ( Picassa) and a local back up on a Synology RAID box, belt, braces and gaffer tape!

My Layout. This is a fictional Railway centre somewhere south of Birmingham and North of Gloucester.
For the time being it is operationally complete but it gets scenic updates from time to time, and who knows what I might do next.

My Workbench, Confessions of an Unrepentant Basher The state of my workbench and what you might find on it are often an embarrassment, however when I've tidied it up and am embarking on another little idea, this is where you'll find it

My Opinions We all have them, I've already been around for my threescore plus ten so I've collected plenty of them, and they are mine. Being an Admin on the site doesn't mean that the opinions I express are those of the site sponsors, or any other member of the team. If something is site policy I will say so, otherwise I take full responsibility for the opinions I express.
Growing old, can't avoid it. Growing up, forget it!
My Layout, My Workbench Blog and My Opinions