Help with new layout design

Any questions about designing a model railway layout or problems with track work.
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Help with new layout design

Postby pvts » Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:51 pm

Hi, been designing a smallish portable layout untill I can get more permanent space.

I quite fancy a joint midlands/western region layout with the odd southern commuter train popping in. during the early 1960s

At the minute iv got a few plans for various ideas; engine sheds, loco deports, small stations. And started collecting some
code 75 track. I've also "accidentally" collected a few vans and wagons I liked plus a class 25, class 22, 3mt 2-6-2, 2mt 2-6-0, and a pannier tank.

Could anyone suggest a situation where these kinds of engines would have worked on the same lines? Iv looked into the somerset and dorset joint railway etc and gotten a few ideas from other forums. But looking for a more definitive and realistic setting.

Thanks for any help and advice and or this has been answered elsewhere in the forum I apologise for duplicating questions

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Re: Help with new layout design

Postby whistlehead » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:40 am

All of this lot are common western-region locos, you can't go too far wrong in ex-GWR territory

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Re: Help with new layout design

Postby kristopher1805 » Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:00 am

Pretty well anything between Bristol and Birmingham, also to the north because Wolverhampton is a forgotten corner the upper and lower stations were side by side, coming to a minor railway Wellington might do, GWR main line to Birkenhead with other branches and LMR trains to Stafford etc.

Bristol locals too because Avonmouth docks was Midland and GWR was all over the area, Bath less so as the regions did not mix so much.

Oxford has possibilities because all 4 main groups could be seen together.

Another option is the GCR/GWR joint line at say Princes Risborough, lots of interest as the GCR lines were handed to the LMRegion from the Eastern then you get both LMS and LNER types as well as the GWR, Prionces Ris has a 4 track main line, 3 branches and a works operation, has great possibilities.

My railway concentrates on the GCR link from Banbury to Woodford once one of the railways most important interchange links, I have as a result stock from the 4 groups and my date is circa 19th May 1962, there are lots of Middleton Press books covering the whole area with plans etc.

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