Bachmann Customer Service, or lack there of!!

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Bachmann Customer Service, or lack there of!!

Postby VonkeyVong » Wed May 30, 2012 2:11 pm

I recently had a conversation with the service department at Bachmann regarding replacement parts and a defective item.
The response I got was that Bachmann provide very few spare parts and if they are available they are very expensive.

The second query I had was about a defective item, it was not the first one I had bought and they both had the same manufacturing defect.
The response was that they were not interested and I should only deal with the retailer.

This kind of thing really puts me off buying a brand on the whole, I have quite a few Bachmann items. Like with all mechanical things, in time there are inevitably failures and spares should be available, or it should be sold as a throw away item.

I have to add that The Hornby group are amazing at customer service. I have in the past had need to request parts and they have always come up with the part them selves and quickly, or put me in touch with a retailer who can sell me the items I need.

What are other peoples thoughts on this? or am I expecting to much for a company to at least appear like they care about customers problems with their products?

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Re: Bachmann Customer Service, or lack there of!!

Postby Zunnan » Wed May 30, 2012 3:30 pm

When they say to deal with the retailer, they are entirely correct. Your first port of call with faulty goods should be with the retailer that sold you the faulty item in the first place, it is them who then deal with Bachmann to provide a repair or replacement. This goes for all manufacturers. I've had worse from Hornby than most others (I'm not allowed to slate that Welsh company anymore, they're infallible apparently) who took 12 months to sort out a replacement motor for an 8F, they couldn't replace the model as it had long sold out and they didn't have a stock of spare motors, they wouldn't send it back to me either for me to source my own motor. They also failed to tell me that replacement chassis had been made available for a known batch of class 31s that had rotted to bits, I had to be told by another modeller who had found out from another modeller etc even though I had left ample details with Hornby requesting that they inform me when suitable spares were made available. Bachmanns service department on the other hand I have had nothing but positive dealings with when models have been out of warranty so a shop return was off the cards, from lost detailing packs to worn gears and replacement axles.

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Re: Bachmann Customer Service, or lack there of!!

Postby Brossard » Wed May 30, 2012 3:37 pm

Bachmann will sell spares if they have them. Yes, they are expensive but so are spares for everything. My experience has been pretty positive although not recent. Probably the more common items in demand are spare wheel sets for split chassis locos.


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Re: Bachmann Customer Service, or lack there of!!

Postby Dad-1 » Wed May 30, 2012 5:13 pm

If it was a new item that's faulty then as already said it's back to them not the Manufacturer.
I've had to return the odd item and my main source is Hattons who deal with these things
very quickly. In my case it was Heljan locomotive.

Bachmann have been quite good at supplying odd spares at what I thought were acceptable
prices - like spare plastic fixings for split chassis locos and replacement axle muffs. Even got
replacement brake rodding for a long 'off their range' class 43XX.
However they don't have a full range of small items that may fall off or get damaged and in
such cases they can just supply replacement bodies which are so near the on-line new
loco price it's hardly worth the effort. But I've found them helpful and they found me an old
scrap Jinty body from which I obtained one lost part (My fault!)

Geoff T.
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Re: Bachmann Customer Service, or lack there of!!

Postby noel » Thu May 31, 2012 5:30 am


Bachmann UK have always been responsive and helpful to the requests in my e-mails.




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Re: Bachmann Customer Service, or lack there of!!

Postby amsie » Thu May 31, 2012 5:11 pm

I've sent 1 defective item to Hornby and 1 defective item to Bachmann.

In both cases, the service was excellent.

In the case of Hornby, the item was around 24 months old and they repaired/exchanged it without question or receipt.

In the case of Bachmann, I had to produce the receipt and they fixed the item.

That said, they did manage to break the ariel mast on the 47 body and ignored my emails regarding this........ :evil:

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Re: Bachmann Customer Service, or lack there of!!

Postby kristopher1805 » Fri Jun 01, 2012 6:19 am

Bachmann are a bit odd here. In the UK we should deal with the supplier and as I am overseas I use mostly a Liverpool supplier, however warranty is not great there and after looking at the paperwork in the boxes Bachmann ask you to send locos directly back to them at Barwell. I have sent I think around 24 back in 18months of which 2 have gone back twice. The return slips suggest they had back 2300 locos in 2011, I thinks that applies only to steam outline but cannot be sure.

You need to add your card details, I send a letter detailing the issues with each loco, in most cases complete wheel sets have been fitted even when the fault is a rivet failure in the coupling rod, often gear trains replaced or twice motor replaced, I have had one returned without anything done to it, I then get a bill which works out at about half the cost of the loco new so despite claiming warranty this is generally ignored.

Hornby are a little less consistent, a 9F returned was sent back as there were no spares available! another Planet a rebuilt Patriot with drive issues cost £8.90 to repair whilst my father who has the same loco had the same fault and his was repaired FOC, odd that as I did not know he had sent his Planet back at the same time I sent mine!

I suppose that it depends on who gets the loco to repair, how experienced they are etc. how senior and who can make decisions, to us the purchaser it is pot luck, expensive, time consuming and annoying!

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