Decals: make your own on the computer

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Re: Decals: make your own on the computer

Postby Splop. » Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:58 am

I cheated slightly when I made mine - I used normal paper and stuck some sellotape over the top. :lol:

Surprisingly effective though. 8)

Edit - Thought you meant things like nameboards and adverts. My mistake. :oops:

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Re: Decals: make your own on the computer

Postby D0260 » Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:31 am

For an alternative supplier, try I & G Steam, on 01745 369980 ( Rhyl) . They do waterslide decal paper at reasonable prices. I only know because I bought some at Welshpool steam gala this year , and it works a treat . They are A4 sheets.

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Re: Decals: make your own on the computer

Postby Bufferstop » Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:42 pm

I've found an idea from a very old magazine in the days before decal paper had been invented. Print or paint your design on the gummed side of gummed paper labels. You know, the sort you always lick despite being told you'll cut your tongue. Then apply several coats of matt polyurethane varnish. When it's dry treat it. like a waterslide transfer, it will just take rather longer to get to the slideable state. Might just work, need some A4 sheets of gummed paper.
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Re: Decals: make your own on the computer

Postby Schprocket » Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:29 pm

stephenson wrote:I did not find any reference to a previous post about this.
I have been looking for local (to my area and period) decals and alternative lettering etc for things like the Fife Coal Company and Wemyss ...

As it happens, one of my Dad's mates was after exactly the same thing (well, the Wemyss Colliery wagons, at least) and I found it whilst looking for some North Staffs-related P.O. wagons.

The place to go for decals (and "ready-made" wagons if you'd rather pay someone else to make them!) is

Your particular page of interest is where, when you click on the appropriate company, you'll see these:



I first discovered this site when I found some "ready-mades" for sale on eBay. It looks like Robbie uses the undecorated Dapol wagons as the base.

Note quite DIY, I know, but I thought this might help decide how far down the DIY track you'd want to go...

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Re: Decals: make your own on the computer

Postby theunborn » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:08 pm

GeraldH wrote:I've been checking out suppliers. Crafty Computer Paper seem to want GBP 2.99 for postage which obviously makes buying one sheet as a test rather unattractive! I've seen suppliers on Ebay who charge less than GBP 1.00 for postage, so I may try an EBay sheet. Has anyone here tried any of the Ebay suppliers? I guess that most of the paper comes from the same wholesaler anyway?

Hi i brought 5 x a4 sheets for a fiver with postage off ebay a month ago,havent tried it yet but seller had 100% good feedback and seems to be the same as what hobbycraft sell for a tenner for 3 sheets.


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Re: Decals: make your own on the computer

Postby senorsenales » Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:00 am

Just come across this thread. Just a warning from personal experience about Lazer Trans waterslide transfer paper, the laser printing sheets.

Firstly they come as a pack of 8 and at £14.40 per pack (£1.80 each) they aren't cheap. Followed the instructions, managed to mangle four sheets, and had to strip my printer once to get the remnents out where it had cooked itself to the roller after some nasty burning smells in each case.

Only after going onto the American webite does it list possible compatible printers to use with this this, and mine wasn't one of them. Not to be outdone I nipped down a local printers who tried it on his machine. He was devastated, it didn't work on a machine costing £175k, and which he had been using to print onto cellophane immediately before me.

Not very happy about it, contacted Lazer Trans UK who are going to replace the pack with inkjet paper. Incidentally they list three printers who will print your work for you, two in London and one in Wales. Not quite the spirit of the thing, buy the product and then have to send it away to somebody else to do the printing for you, at not doubt an extra cost.

Will be trying the inkjet sheets when they come. Just to repeat this is Lazer Trans, I can't say about Crafy Computer papers, although an article in one of the magazines had success with it using the inkjet method. I was just trying to use laser paper on a laser printer which would have cut out all the sealing process.

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