Adding Smoke

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Adding Smoke

Postby Tony. » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:52 am


i woundering on how to add smoke to my a4 Gresley pacific, bachmann model

Its non-dcc model is that a problem .?

i have been told about ''Seuthe" products, but im just wanting a wider view on getting a kit and wiring all up

if any1 has any more products to use .? or how to guides would be very helpful

Thanks Tony.

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Re: Adding Smoke

Postby Tony. » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:31 pm

Spocky wrote:If you get no answer from anyone I am sure ... =&c=1&m=26 will help you.

Please post up your findings for others - especially DCC (for me!) related information.

Hi mate,many thanks to your link :)

I have sent them a email asking them alot of questions now ..

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Re: Adding Smoke

Postby Tony. » Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:33 pm

Spocky wrote:
Tony. wrote:I have sent them a email asking them alot of questions now

My experience of emailing companies is one of don't hold your breath for a reply...

...if you want to do this urgently, best to telephone them!

If I don't hear anything by Friday, they will be getting a phone :)

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Re: Adding Smoke

Postby beeman » Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:04 pm

The early Hornby syncrosmoke units were a small piston unit operated from the motor worm, the worm wheel driving the piston rod. a small 'washer' on the end of the piston' acted as a non return valve to push pulses of air through the heater chamber.This contained the wadding for the oil and the heater itself embedded on the surface of the wadding. The result was a 'chuffing' of the smoke from the hot oil vaporised from the heater.The heater was connected across the loco track input, so the amount of smoke was dependent on the voltage provided to the track.These were not in actual syncro with the wheels, but quite realistic when working well.I have a few of these operational. If this type of loco/unit is used on DCC a relay needs to be fitted to switch the heater on/off if using one of the auxiliary outputs of the decoder due to the current draw of the heater, the decoder is not powerful enough, a small reed relay is perhaps best due to size/fitting. Also the track voltage is higher on DCC so it is prudent to fit a suitable resistor in series with the heater or it could blow. The Seuthe smoke units are a heater wrapped around and insulated from a small diam. metal Hypo size tube. this is centrally located inside a brass tube, which has a sealed bottom and fits below the loco chimney, the electrics are much the same as stated previously, must admit do'nt know if the current Seuthe units are supplied for the higher AC voltage of DCC. the Hypo needle tube, which I think is used is fitted so it does not touch the brass tube, which is the reservoir for the oil. The heater causes the tube to heat up and the oil is drawn up and vaporised. .Results from these can be seen on many Utube vids. The brass outer tube is one connection and the other insulated from the brass tube, usually out of the bottom. The early Syncrosmoke units were made of a diecast block, there was also a later unit made of plastic which did not have the air piston fitted.Hope this helps, There may be others of which I am not conversant.Beeman.
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Re: Adding Smoke

Postby DJH584 » Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:05 pm

May I suggest that you have a look at this thread.
Before I post the link my apologies to the mods and admin if it breaks forum rules.

My regards

David and Lynda

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Re: Adding Smoke

Postby peroni » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:27 pm

With the better models (bit more expensive) nowdays they are using fan driven smoke units which are Synchronized
with the wheel rotation and give a more realistic effect. Both MTH and Broadway Limited use the fan driven units and
I believe that you can buy the smoke unit from MTH as a spare part. Here are a couple of videos of the MTH ones.

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Re: Adding Smoke

Postby poliss » Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:40 am

A #22 smoke unit seems to be the usual one recommended for plastic bodied locos. For operation on DCC you just use two of the function wires instead of one as explained by TCS here. ... ge.php?q=5

Roco have the HO scale BR10 with sound and smoke that comes out of the cylinders as well as the chimney.

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