Some very recent Keyser builds

Have any questions or tips and advice on how to build those bits that don't come ready made.
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Re: Some very recent Keyser builds

Postby Lysander » Thu Dec 30, 2021 12:51 pm

To conclude this topic, some photos of the completed vehicles now that all six have been finished and boxed up. These will have been posted elsewhere but may be of interest here, too. The lesson is that even absolute basket cases can be returned to service with a little time and care and these Keyser kits provide the easiest and, by a long-chalk, the cheapest route into building these less frequently seen prototypes. The Siphons in particular are useful for surgical adaptation and other diagrams can be constructed from them.

Siphon F - one of the difficulties experienced was finding the correct size of lettering, particularly for the 'G' and the 'W'. All of the OO decal manufacturers' products were just too big for the framing. I solved that one by using 3mm decals, a perfect fit! The route boards are prototypical.



Dean Passenger Luggage Van - this one is modelled as a general parcels van or milk train brake. It runs well with the Siphon rake. I was pleased to find the 'Return to' branding in the bits box, it sets it off rather well.


Second Dean PLV - modelled as a corridor version and liveried for passenger use. Much added detail lifts what was an extremely basic kit.



These kits crop up from time-to-time on eBay and are often stupidly expensive. Reasonably-priced examples exist however and I didn't have to break the bank on any of this lot.

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