2017 competition - LNWR Prince Of Wales GEM kit

Have any questions or tips and advice on how to build those bits that don't come ready made.
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2017 competition - LNWR Prince Of Wales GEM kit

Postby flying scotsman123 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:00 pm

Got this out of its box at the weekend to have a look at it and realised I might as well enter the competition with it! For those who aren't familiar, GEM kits are very old whitemetal kits originally designed to fit over tri-ang chassis, or their own kit ones. Neither particularly appealed but happily Hornby's china-made B12 from I think the '90s (?) fits perfectly well so one of those has been sourced.

Anyway, I decided that at least for the big components I could probably get away with soldering them together. I'm not flash enough to have a snazzy temperature adjustable iron and I quite fancied getting started on Saturday so no low-melt solder either. It went surprisingly well! Here's where I'm at:


The boiler and smokebox assembly has not been attached to the frames and splashers yet, as soldering the big bits together was the easy bit! Being an old kit, there's an awful lot of filling and sanding to do. The frame assembly and the boiler assembly have now had a second round of filler applied and once that's all sanded down I think it'll probably be time to put some paint on to see where else needs work. Sanding the boiler is much easier when it's still a cylinder hence it's only resting in place at the moment.

Oh and for those few who remember what I'm (trying) to model - NSR Stone station saw LNWR through trains to Euston for much of its life so that's why. Depending on how quick progress is I might dig out a ratio LNWR coach to go with it too.
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Re: 2017 competition - LNWR Prince Of Wales GEM kit

Postby Lysander » Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:36 pm

I'll watch this with interest. I have a GEM kit to complete later this year, an LNWR 'Cauliflower'.

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Re: 2017 competition - LNWR Prince Of Wales GEM kit

Postby glencairn » Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:45 pm

Gosh! I haven't seen a GEM kit in years. Go for it fs123. :D

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