THE Christmas show - Manchester 2 & 3 December 2017!

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Re: THE Christmas show - Manchester 2 & 3 December 2017!

Postby Allegheny1600 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:33 pm

Thanks for your positive comments, Bufferstop!
It is very much appreciated.
Well, despite my earlier worries that I was coming down with something horrible, my nasal sprays on myself (utterly disgusting!) must have worked as I felt completely 'clean' by Sunday and made it and was definitely not contagious!
I particularly liked Villefranche as there was so much to see in such a small space, the upper level station really shouted "France" to me!
Bridgewater was gorgeous and I loved the (very slightly intrusive) bird song but the loco sounds were just right, imho.
Cirencester was simply the crown jewels for me, I really love the pre-group stuff but I was most surprised by the Sidings! I confess, I nearly missed it but my mate, who is even more passionate about German H0 than me, dragged me back to look at the detail - it's fantastic! This is the kind of thing that modellers of all eras and locations should be working towards.
St. Ruth is remarkable, it's very well done but I don't know how you 2mm guys can manage to work in so small a scale! Lastly for me, I loved the scenic work on Underhill town! I noticed many years ago that the ng boys always seemed to go the extra mile with scenery and this layout exemplified this attitude, it was superb!
I must also mention Campbells Quarry, possibly the best 'interactive' layout and certainly one of the most entertaining that I have ever seen.
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