Scenery/Buildings/Landscape/Trees etc...

Having a problem making your model railway layout look real. Post questions and share the results of your model railway scenery here.
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Scenery/Buildings/Landscape/Trees etc...

Postby Disco21 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:18 pm

Good Evening fellow trainers - is that such a term?

We bought the Mixed Freight Hornby Set last year which came with the Hornby TrackMat R8217 layout, and equipped with the full track layout and plenty locos, carriages etc etc.

Time has come, where the little one (aged 7), wants to build bridges, tunnels, buildings and scenery etc.. Having not touched a craft knife in my life, where would you suggest we start.. Are they any particular buildings that suit the R8217 layout, and any particular place of bridge/tunnel

Where would one purchase trees, grass etc etc and would all this sit on the actual trackmat surface or would I need to remove the mat from the board --- please say I dont! :-(

any advice would be great! Thanks in advance

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Re: Scenery/Buildings/Lanscape/Trees etc...

Postby eboykevin » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:14 pm

Hi dave re the buildings why dont you try building your own. Have a look at the following site I have used some of these buildings and they are cheap and quite easy to build.

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Re: Scenery/Buildings/Lanscape/Trees etc...

Postby jcm@gwr » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:32 pm

Hi Dave,
If the Trackmat is like others I've seen, it is a shiny plastic.
That is a recipe for disaster if you want to go any further than
just plonking down some trees and buildings.
The plastic does not take glue or paint very well, so you are
better off removing it [sorry].
Good luck, Jeff

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Re: Scenery/Buildings/Lanscape/Trees etc...

Postby Brossard » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:01 am

Model Railway Scenery look to be decent, very basic models. I haven't done these but I have done Scalescenes (also downloadable but advanced so I'm not going to recommend them in this case) and I assume that once printed the walls will need to glued to card and cut out. This will entail a very sharp knife. A lot of work for dad. On the other hand, they can be printed over and over again so mistakes are not so costly.

I can also recommend Superquik and Metcalfe as good starter kits.

They come as prepunched card and require gluing together. You can use PVA for that. There is some cutting out required. The big drawback is the exposed cardboard edges (which can be coloured).

Either way, I think they will allow the lad to have a bash after the cutting has been done.


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Re: Scenery/Buildings/Lanscape/Trees etc...

Postby Disco21 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:41 am

eboykevin wrote:Hi dave re the buildings why dont you try building your own. Have a look at the following site I have used some of these buildings and they are cheap and quite easy to build.

Hi Kevin

You wouldn't happen to have this MEGA cd full of stuff would you .. I've taken a look and thing I could use some of them like - obviously would throw a little money ure way, just wont wanna pay £40-60 quid as I wouldnt use them all

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Re: Scenery/Buildings/Landscape/Trees etc...

Postby Essex2Visuvesi » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:19 am


Have a read of this thread.... loads of free ones to donload there
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Re: Scenery/Buildings/Landscape/Trees etc...

Postby itskenny » Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:36 pm

Hi kevin
Can i share my super cheap but very effective method with you.
I have been making great models for some time now i have a very cheap alternative that i have used to create scenery, buildings, trees,combined with your imagination its uses are endless .
All you need is a skeleton of what model you are making. I make this out of whatever items I have around the house that I think i can use to build on.For example i use scrunched up newspaper taped together to form a ruff mountain shape. Then the fun begins you need a good old kitchen tissue roll tear into strips i use a 50 50 mix of pva glue and water. Use this to paste the tissue and cover the whole skeleton allow to dry between coats. Fine tune your desired shape using the same scrunched newspaper method between coats. When you are satisfied and you have the shape you want. Finish off with several more layers allowing to dry between coats.Once dry you should have a nice hard finish that you can apply your artistic painting skills.I use cardboard to form buildings adding details between coats you can use string, matchsticks, small cardboard squares for roof tiles. Another great one that i use to create corrugated tin roofs is the cardboard that you get with the corrugated middle carefully peel one side off and bingo!all look great covered then details painted in. Hope someone finds this useful you can buy an extra waggon with the money you saved.
Cheers Ken

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