updating, deleting and confusion???

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updating, deleting and confusion???

Postby rejrob » Tue May 29, 2018 8:02 pm

Hi and a happy modelling day to all.As I have mentioned elsewhere i have just started building my very very long awaited hastings 6L thumper but until I can clarify whether photo bucket will allow forwarding to the forum I am afraid no picci,s.Not being overly small ,crawling under the layout to retrieve a *falling off the rail* H class loco push/pull is not my idea of fun so when Hornby brought out their H class 31518 2 were purchased .They took over from and became 31162 and 31239.and although i initially wanted to keep the S.E. Finecast ones I had made, it proved impractical so along with my NRM blue deltic(Boxed) 2 peak class diesels and deltic The black watch and a wobbly very old bachmann Mickey Mouse 41312(also replaced with their modern type)they were dispatched to hattons and funds received.I have purchased 4 bachmann Mk1 coaches (3 s/o and 1 corridor 1st mainly for the seating and partitions for the 6L but I do have to replace the seating in the S/O,s although the spacing is okay hence a new piece of 40 thou plastic cut to size and new seats from southern pride, new interiors will come about soon.A couple of minor workings have happened due to increasing certain loco types on the layout Schools class 30905/7/14/20 and 36 have been added by renumbering examples of Brighton,Blundells and St Lawrence.Rubber tyres I know but what the hell.Also spamcans added 34073/85 repainted and lined and rebadged from examples of 34081(Moulding in front of cylinders also removed)Model Rail Mag had USA tanks for sale and one now graces the layout (A bit of licence used) :D :D :D Visiting the steam fair near us this weekend so do not be surprised if I get a traction engine back home NOT FOR THE LAYOUT.I can dream???????all the best Ron

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Re: updating, deleting and confusion???

Postby Mountain » Wed May 30, 2018 1:23 am

You should be able to load pictures direct from your PC or tablet etc onto this site. It works from my tablet. Scroll down and see the thing to click on called "Attachments".

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