oo gauge new class 507-315 emu kit 3d designed cast resin.

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oo gauge new class 507-315 emu kit 3d designed cast resin.

Postby piranha230 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:30 pm

I wish to announce the following 00 gauge new emu kits are available on Ebay class 507,508,313,314,315, class 455/7 trailer coach.

The parts are 3d designed from official br drawings and cast in grey resin, I have made them available as individual part's so that its easier than buying a full kit in one go and it helps me spread the cost of the 3d design and printing.

The 3d masters are made out of high definition crystal acrylic which gives them a very good finish.

Each full bodyside comes as 3 pieces which join with a tab behind the middle of the double door's, the cab end is a full cab end excluding the floor, each rear end is the same with the corridor connection.

These parts are currently available on Ebay, I am having a one week sale.

Driving coach bodyside left and right class 507-315. £13.99 normally £17.99 with all other parts discounted for one week.

Driving coach roof for the above.

Cab end and coach rears class 507-315.

Trailer coach roof class 507,508,315,455/7.

Trailer coach bodyside left or right (fits both sides) class 507,508,315,455/7.

Pantograph coach bodyside left and right class 314,315.

The class 313,314,315 pantograph coach roof and the side for the class 313 and modified rear end panto side has finished being designed, I am waiting on them 3d printing the masters for these.

After these the etched window frames are being done, then finally the floors, bogies and underframe components.

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