Coach lighting interference

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Coach lighting interference

Postby rogtom301 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:35 am

Hi Folks, recently I Fitted the Dapol lighting strips to some of the Dapol coaches, since fitting I am having a problem with the Dapol class68 dcc Fitted locomotive. When the coaches pass over points the locomotive momentarily stalls it’s as though there is some interference going on. It doesn’t happen with any other locomotives.
As anybody else come across this problem, and any suggestions to solve the issue.
Thanks, Rog

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Re: Coach lighting interference

Postby mjb1961 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:33 am

Hi ,,,,first of all have you tested each coach individualy to eliminate some of them because it may only be one of them ,,does the loco stall even if it's on its own ,,,,does the loco stall with or without the coaches in the same place ,,,and is the track pinned down flat ,especially the point,,some people put an extra pin in the centre of the point to make it lay flat ,,,,try these suggestions and let us know the findings ,,hope it helps ,,,,mjb

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Re: Coach lighting interference

Postby Bigmet » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:41 am

This could be quite complicated, so several questions.

Did this happen when the same coaches were operated over the same points, but before they were fitted with lighting?

Do you have Peco 'insulfrog' points on the layout, and is it when the coaches are on these that the 68 stalls?

Are any other locos running when the class 68 stalls?

What is your DCC system's rated current output to the track?

What is the current draw of the class 68 and any other locos that are running? It wouldn't be sound fitted by any chance?

What is the current draw of the lighting units used, and the number of coaches fitted with these lighting units?

My educated guess at the cause of what you are seeing. The lighting units have pushed up the sum of the current draws of everything running on the layout to near the limit of what the DCC system can supply. Momentary shorts on the points* cause the power on track to droop, and the 68's loco decoder cuts out on loss of track supply. If the 68 is a sound fitted loco then a quick test is possible to see if this is the explanation. Just turn sound off, and see if the stalling stops. DCC sound typically takes more current than the motor...

*An easy way to see if there are momentary shorts on the points is to watch the coaches in the dark for the little flashes as they run across the points.

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