Iron Ore Hopper Wagons Compared

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Iron Ore Hopper Wagons Compared

Postby Dad-1 » Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:28 pm

For anyone wanting to run Iron Ore trains from the early 1950's through to say the late 1970's
you have a choice of two products, Dapol and Bachmann with very similar prices. So which is
the best to use ? I won't use reccomended retail prices, but the actual price paid to Hattons
from where I made my purchases.

Having bought both to quantify that question I can now give my comments on comparative qualities.
My photographs were taken after starting my weathering process that involves using a craft knife
to distress the top rails and scratch the inner sides plus adding superglue lumps to represent dents
from heavy loading.

Firstly the Dapol version - Product No. B833 Cost £7 No.433472

These have an incorrect weight and wagon number. The wagon is from diagram 1/161 which were 22 Ton not
12 Ton as printed. The 1000 wagons to 1/161 were all made by Charles Roberts and in the number range
B435000 to B435999. The number as used by Dapol was in fact a 21 ton Coal Hopper of very different design
within a 2950 batch made by Pressed Steel B430800 to B433749.

The good points being lighter moulding marks inside the hopper body and no plastic welding scars where the
body attaches to chassis. As new colours are not really applicable to used wagons.

Second the Bachmann Version - Product No. 37-502 Cost £7 No.435549

These have the weight in a 'modified' form showing 24 Tons, these represent the period after weight specification
was changed from 22 tons. The number falls into the correct sequence of wagons fron diagram 1/161.

The bad points being heavy moulding marks within the Hopper body, and weld marks where attached to the chassis.
The good points are better and accurate stencilling as well as some printing on the sole bar. Again I don't judge the
colour as supplied because I weather all my stock.

My choice for 'best buy' becomes the Dapol as few modellers seem to change wagon numbers even when pulling
a block train of identical stock. To me the unsightly moulding marks become more visible than errors in weight
and numbering sequence. In my opinion a streak of 'rust' can hide the Dapol errors, although it's something of a
shame they have made these mistakes.

4 wagons with the one fully weathered Dapol version.


The same 4 wagons after the first layer of weathering.


Geoff T.
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