Review- Bachmann TTA and TEA Tanks

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Review- Bachmann TTA and TEA Tanks

Postby Metrocamel » Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:05 pm

Another couple of wagon reviews.

Bachmann TTA 45 Ton tank wagon

BP green TTA.

Unbranded gas Oil Black TTA's

Colourful and varied are the liveries in which the TTA 45 tonner has appeared. Likewise are the hues in which it's 00 gauge Hornby interpretation has been available. While that model wasn't half bad, Bachmann's more recent effort is more readily up to the standards of the modern market.

Starting with the overall look, the model is a sound representation of the 45 ton tank. The barrel is nicely moulded, although one sample in unbranded Gas Oil black has a skewed segment of the moulding. Less definitive are the ladders and walkway which have been subjected the criticism in some quarters for being of plastic rather than etched brass. In my opinion the ladders look fine and other details such as the hatch on the top and finely rendered handrail at the top of the walkway are spot on.

The underframe is nicely moulded, brake shoes lining up neatly with all four free running wheels. NEM sockets are provided but annoyingly at the wrong height.

Livery application is superb, especially on the BP version reviewed. the green tank barrel is a splash of colour for any layout and the yellow sole bar is a great contrast. Details include TOPS panels, Railfreight Petroleum Sector logos and legible warnings including Hazchem panels in case you were planning on lighting up a cigarette in the vicinity of the wagon!

The Gas Oil black version is no less well served and has it's Hazchem panels mounted on neat separate mouldings, highlighted by the neat black livery.

Overall, a superb model of an important wagon. Bachmann have yet to work through all the liveries although some of the best are now done and out of stock. I'd kill for a few more BP ones!

Plus- great looks, livery application, running and detail.

Minus- NEM sockets at wrong height.

Bachmann TEA 100 Ton bogie tank wagon

TEA 100 tonners in Shell Grey.

Like it’s little brother, the 100 tonner TEA bogie tank has appeared in many liveries and has been served for the 00 market by Hornby. Hornby’s model, like it’s TTA wasn’t bad and is still available today, but Bachmann’s newer version includes many modern features.

Starting again with looks, the massive bulk of the tank is very impressive, especially when viewed from the eye view of a 4mm scale onlooker! It’s length is immediately evident and the vastness of the barrel is in stark contrast to the tiny underframe. Bachmann have done a good job here, with many separately fitted parts and mouldings to draw the eye, chief among them the white brake wheels. The tank itself is very pleasing, although the ends have a seam around them to allow for the forthcoming conical ended TEA. Convenient maybe, but unsightly compared to the real thing. Like the TTA the ladders are moulded and have been subject to scrutiny. I’m inclined to say the TTA ladders looked better (maybe because of their placing on the real wagon).

The top of the tank reveals numerous fine rails and handles all separately fitted and very nice.

On the rails the TEA is very smooth, as expected from a bogie wagon. It’s nicely weighted, and the NEM couplings are at the right height (I knew you’d figure that one out sooner or later ! Give yourself a pat on the back!)

Livery application on the Shell grey version is sharp and neat with legible TOPS panels and Hazchem warnings just like the 45 tonner that preceded it. Also present are the neat Railfreight Petroleum Sector logos.

Overall, another great effort from Bachmann and a great accompaniment for heavy freight locos!

Plus- looks, livery application, details, running.

Minus- Seams around ends slightly prominent.
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Re: Review- Bachmann TTA and TEA Tanks

Postby Class 66 » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:34 pm

They look really good.

I would be so tempted to buy some of if I modelled a layout that needs them :)

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