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Re: Engine Reviews

Postby PeterH » Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:46 am

4-6-0 Manor Class 7811 'Dunley Manor' (Bachmann)


This locomotive is from the Bachmann Cambrian Coast Express set.

The loco hasn't got great traction, with 6 coaches it pounds at the track making a bit of noise. It isn't able to haul a 14 coach train (which all the other tender locos can manage).

Another problem is the tender, it, like my Bachmann Scot, keeps uncoupling itself from the engine and derails.

The speed isn't too fast and is sensible and near prototypical. The loco does have a tendancy to stall.

Detail is good, but the 'coal' and the gear thingy rod, do look a bit plastic-y.

The Cambrian Coast Express set comes with the loco and two coaches, these are very well detailed and look very good, an oval of track and siding are included, as well as the standard Bachmann DC controller.

So this loco works best with local 4-6 coach trains, and prefers level track.

Looks: 7
Speed: 7
Power: 5
General Performance: 5

Total: 24/40


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Re: Engine Reviews

Postby Class 66 » Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:49 pm

Most of these reviews are now on the website :D

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