Castleford Halt

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Castleford Halt

Postby GdanskDad » Wed May 27, 2020 5:11 pm

Planning a new shelf layout for the kids room, and experimenting with the baseboard construction, which I have detailed in the right topic section under - Laminated floor board base construction- but decided to put the plans here, and then when we start to build a third topic will go in that section.

I have a few simple criteria,

1. it must be a continuous loop whilst the kids get used to controlling the trains.
2. I have two boys that fight, so it must have two continuous loops.
3. I plan a few short branches and sidings to add 'play value' but no great fiddle yard because there is a third much younger child who will fiddle whilst the boys are at school, so simple, by the branch can be extended at a later date.
4. kids want tunnels, castle, waterfall, houses, sheds... so planning to put in some vertical changes in height, but will keep the main two loops almost flat to help with operations.
5 getting used to layout, the kids will use an old DC H&M power supply, but need to wire up points with connections under board, to make future DCC operation possible without too much disruption to finished work.
6. to minimise little sisters interference, must sit 1 meter high above kids beds, so underboard work has to be bordom at night safe.
7. Budget tight, due to high cost of materials here in Poland compared to my wages lol.

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