First layout

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First layout

Postby AK46 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:42 am

Hi. I'm just trying to get started and looking for any hints and tips.

I have Hornby Intercity 225 that I got years ago as a boy.
I have 6x4 baseboard set up on old table in the spare room with the hornby track extension layout (very exciting I know!)

Got some spray paint to paint the board with but need to lift the track to do that. Wife bought me some foam to put underneath the track.

Was wondering what I need to do make it future proof. Hopefully it all works out and I enjoy it and can continue modelling.

I saw a video on YouTube suggested drilling holes for point motors before doing to much work. Should I put some batons underneath to tidy any wiring I do.


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Re: First layout

Postby Emettman » Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:45 pm

Sorry I missed this when you posted it, and I've just see it today, short of replies.

If a 6x4 is what you have, a 6x4 it is.
A shelf layout around the room would give express trains a much better run and, curiously, leave the spare room much better placed to still serve as a spare room for other purposes. This may be a thought for the future.

Can I ask what the sub-structure of the 6x4 is, or is it just a sheet of material sitting on a table surface?

Overall I'd suggest at looking at mounting wiring and points inconspicuously on the surface of the board, rather than have to lift and work underneath for any faults, changes and additions
The key here is to add 5-10mm of easily worked material to the top surface: foam board, urethane insulation board etc.which can be grooved and cut to provide channeling for wires (laid out neatly ) which can be papered over. Hidden, but easily got at.

Traditional Hornby point motors can be surface mounted upright in little huts, or inverted into holes in the baseboard, the mounting bases being about 5mm thick sitting nicely in the carvable "ground level.
The newer, smaller motors designed for surface mounting can also be used where they are felt unobtrusive.

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Re: First layout

Postby Mountain » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:44 pm

How did you get along. Any progress?
Enjoying 7mm narrow gauge.

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