New 8×4 layout

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New 8×4 layout

Postby Jkelly » Sat Dec 17, 2016 6:25 pm

Hello everyone. Finally getting around to building a new layout and already met with some restrictions! It seems space is my enemy! I have a board 8x4ft. I know that that sounds great but there is a problem. I must leave the board intact as it has to rest on a big kitchen table that can not be drilled in etc. I can not make extensions to the board either as according to my parents there 'is not enough space'. So realism will be hard enough to achieve.

My plan so far is to have a fiddle yard in the back with a through branch line station. I would love to have a bridge, so maybe a narrow gauge line serving a mill as well? Any ideas or help wold be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: New 8×4 layout

Postby Emettman » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:21 pm

Hello and welcome, JKelly, if I haven't said it before.

A few questions will help me, us, appreciate the situation, in order to give particular advice.

Is the 8x4 going to be able to stay in that position on the table, or is it it going to have to be removed after every running session?

When it's in place how much room will you have around the various sides (or will one or more be up against a wall)?

What locos and stock do you already have, if any? Big pacific engines with long coaches tend to push track designs towards particular features to suit them.

You say you'd like a fiddle yard: does this mean there doesn't have to be a complete oval in the plan, or is that an "as well"?

With 8x4, fiddle yard and a through branch station I can think of a scheme or two...
What would you hope to have as your longest train?

Sorry for all the questions but they do fill in the picture and give a better idea of what is or isn't likely to suit.

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