1980s Blues!

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1980s Blues!

Postby Hymirl » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:32 pm


I do like the BR blue era as its very much the trains I grew up with (even if trips to preserved lines let me enjoy the steam that remains from a young age).

This video I enjoyed as it shows relatively short trains and guards van still in use. The sort of formations that are fun to model.
That was about it, liked video... thought I'd share it! :)

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Re: 1980s Blues!

Postby Mountain » Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:47 pm

Very nice. It was rare to see all blue DMU's in my area during the 1980's as ours were blue/grey. I never saw those bulk bogie wagons either. We were still using 16, 21 & 24T 4 wheel steel sided wagons which were unfitted. Did see quite a variety of traffic in those days though. I loved watching the fertiliser trains with their 82T pallet vans zoom past in a rake of 14 at a time and were normally in UKF or BR colours (Brown) but also the odd blue one with furniture removal markings, and the various long military trains with all sorts of different vehicles on board. Tanks, lorries, low loader lorries which carried the tanks... Landrovers etc. They were interesting to watch and I used to see them pass in the summer at weekends if my memory serves me correctly.
Occasionall works trains passed. Usually seacows/sealions or the Limpets (The smaller 4 wheel versions) with a shark ballast brake van at either end. We also used to see wooden bodied open wagons on occasions pass. The odd toad brake van (Ex GWR) could be seen passing as were the odd ex LMS and ex LNER brake vans on occasions. Most were standard BR brake vans.
Many various DMU's I saw along with loco hauled passenger coaches (Mk1's). On rare occasions a weedkiller trane came which had ex LNER teak coaches as traincrew accommodation along with its 4 wheel tankers as part of the equipment.
The Spencer railgrinder would be heard at night on occasions and the sound of the wailing horn used on work trains used to keep us up for most of the night!
The most interesting working I used to see were the triple headed class 03's pulling coal past on the mineral line through the village. The sound of all those squeeling rusty wagons passing... You'd hear them coming miles before the trains actually got here.

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