Goods shed - how to model the track bed?

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Goods shed - how to model the track bed?

Postby Kentishman » Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:49 pm

Good afternoon All,
after putting Hodsan End on one side, I've picked up from where I left off - ballasting the track. A query arises though, how was the track that ran through goods sheds laid? Was it on ballasted sleepers? Was it on sleepers packed with ash/cinders/clinker? Was it set in cobbles or concrete? Did it vary depending on the railway company involved, if so does anyone know what the practice was for Great Western and for LSWR/Southern? Any information would be warmly welcomed.

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Re: Goods shed - how to model the track bed?

Postby Bufferstop » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:08 pm

I've just Googled Railway Goods Sheds and looked through the Images collection. It seems to suggest that the track was laid on/in whatever existed outside, The only exceptions being those without an internal platform which were concreted up to the sleeper ends to allow for carts and lorries to draw up to the wagons under cover. It's difficult to get good definition of the surface from the old monochrome images, most of which were taken from the well lit exterior.
In contrast the present day pictures of Dunster goods shed clearly show that the track has been infilled with concrete to just ouside of both end doors, presumably because it's now used for other than goods trans-shipment.
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Re: Goods shed - how to model the track bed?

Postby senorsenales » Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:57 am

My only experience was when I was working at Bicester North Goods Office in 1963, and the only thing I remember was that the track bed was hidden under about sixty years of having light weight wagons standing on it. I don't seem to remember seeing sleepers, though I suspect there must have been, but they were lost in the dust and dirt. It may have been ash for all I know.

Remember the heaviest weight the track was going to carry was a couple of vans, locos were prohibited from entry because of the fire risk to the all wooden building with an overall roof so the unloading platform was totally enclosed.

Bicester was a good example of a goods yard on the New Line between Old Oak Common West and Aynho Junction. All enclosed goods shed, and office, two or three sidings for coal, a cattle dock (unused) with a drive on/off ramp at the end and as I remember it a couple of sidings for those odd loads that turned up occasionally, although I never saw any.

The track in the yard wasn't much either, mostly hidden amongst the dust of the years, and locos used to make it creak when they passed over it.

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Re: Goods shed - how to model the track bed?

Postby Bigmet » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:37 pm

I would go looking for pictures, and choose either what appeals or alternatively 'fits in' with how your line developed. Endless variation: woodblocks, setts, concrete, infills between the rails and between the lines of the yard; or just the ballasting in the yard continued through the shed, perhaps slightly less concealed by the general accumulation of 'muck'. In one of the small yards I looked at frequently in my youth, the rails could be seen to move under the loco, and the wear in the point crossings was terrific. No sight of sleepers, chairs or anything, until the trap points on the routes onto the running lines. Suddenly these were better maintained, with sleepers in only somewhat dirty ballast,and the rail in chairs with the keys in tight, and the fish plates greased.

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Re: Goods shed - how to model the track bed?

Postby Kentishman » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:42 am

Many thanks for your responses, I certainly hadn't thought to look for images on the net (obvious once you mention it though). That's the thing with all you youngsters being so digitally aware! You've given me some good ideas, again thanks for taking the time.

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