Gresley 2-6-2. Help.

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Re: Gresley 2-6-2. Help.

Postby Bufferstop » Sun Apr 18, 2021 10:51 am

Mike Parkes wrote:
Bufferstop wrote:The model was introduced by "I think Palitoy" under the name "Mainline" it may well have been produced by the same people who produced it for Bachman.

The Gresley 2-6-2T was first released in 1992 in the Bachmann range and was significant in being Bachmann's first UK loco that had not come from tooling previously used for Palitoy's Mainline range. The manufacturer of the Bachmann UK range and most of the earlier Palitoy Mainline range as well as the late 1980s Replica models is Kader Industrial Co Ltd.

You are right Mike Bachmann must have moved quickly to get it out, I guess the tooling was made but not used in anger until after the takeover. Did it come out with the Mainline version of the ringfield or had they progressed to the flat sided can motor. I have a 4-6-0 sold by Replica bearing a made by Bachmann brand on the keeper plate. It had the can motor, but my earlier Collet Goods had the ringfield style motor, it was sold as a non runner because someone had put a long screw in both ends of one of the straight through holes. I also have a Bachmann "replacement chassis" which I used to sort out a Lima 94xx tank which had a worse designed chassis than anything Palitoy created.
In all of those designs I have not had a single example of zinc rot. Do you think it is safe to uncross my fingers yet?
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Re: Gresley 2-6-2. Help.

Postby Bigmet » Sun Apr 18, 2021 4:11 pm

Bufferstop wrote:...In all of those designs I have not had a single example of zinc rot. Do you think it is safe to uncross my fingers yet?

From a total of about 30 Kader locos of the split chassis type from Mainline, Replica and Bachmann, I have had just one failure, the wheel castings on one of the first batch of J72's. (And replacements were easy to find, even though Mainline had by then departed the scene twenty years or so previous!)

I have sawn large lumps out of the chassis halves of all the LNER designs to adapt them to various other prototypes, and to install lead for extra traction outdoors and decoders in my first experiments with DCC using a loaned system: and the mazak was consistently good. Almost too good, I quickly learned to round off the cut edges to avoid wounds; something I had never found necessary hacking at H-D, Wrenn, Triang/T-H/Hornby castings.

Compared to the manifold other failure modes in this construction, the mazak is the last thing to worry about...

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