Dual gauge HOm/HOe 12mm/9mm rolling road for loco testing

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Dual gauge HOm/HOe 12mm/9mm rolling road for loco testing

Postby Retiarius » Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:49 pm

Dual gauge 12 & 9mm rolling road for loco testing

I just received this rolling road system from http://www.rollingrails.co.uk which they produced especially for me in to enable me to test, DCC programme and run in locos in both 12mm and 9mm gauges.eg. HOm and 009/H0e

8 sets of rollers are provided, allowing up to 3 locos to be running at once under separate DCC control


It can take locos up to 285mm wheelbase. It easily fits a Bemo loco


The rollers in this case have been set to 9mm and also 12mm gauge as a special item


This show the details of a single roller pair. I had them made to take locos of 10mm between wheel centres.


The manufacturer is Rolling Rails (http://www.rollingrails.co.uk) at Stoke on Trent and the price for this special unit was £70 inclusive of post and packaging and was delivered in 9 days from order. I understand they will make any gauge to special order.

It is beautifully made.

Other than being a well-satisfied customer I have no connection with RollingRails etc. etc.

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