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One for the Arduino Experts

Postby Paul-H » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:50 pm

Hi all

For those of you that know about these things, (Arduino & DCC) would it be possible to do the following

Take an Arduino with LCD display shield and probably motor control shield that is connected to a short section of track so that when a loco is placed on the track and a button connected to the Arduino is pressed the current value of CV1 is read and displayed on the LCD, don't need it to read any other CV or do anything else, just read and display the decoders current address.

Is this something doable, if it is, anyone fancy writing the sketch.

I need something that will allow a quick check in a situation were no computer is available and the Dcc system in use is not the easiest to use for anything other than running trains.

Thanks for any offers of help with this if it is possible.


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