AutoReverser for DCC

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AutoReverser for DCC

Postby MertonPark » Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:43 pm

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Please see rough track diagram above which shows the essential bits to allow me to ask my question. There is more track, some already built and other bits not. The gaps BD, CE, FG, KL, MN & PQ are isolated track joins. This is because the turnouts are Peco Insulfrog N Gauge ones. The idea is that having Insulfrog and a section beyond the turnout that would be dead stops an oncoming train ploughing into a turnout set against it. However DF will need an autoreverser. Existing polarity shown beside track.

Having set the scene here’s my question. My model club has an orthodox reverse loop on an OO DCC layout and an autoreverser where one set of wires to it connects to the reverse loop section and the other set connects to the track just the other side of the isolated join. In my case I thought I could simply put the autoreverser for the section DF with wires connecting to it either side of BD or FG. However because of my use of Insulfrog turnouts there will be times when there is no power through sections AB and GH. So whilst you obviously have to connect one set to the section DF where the polarity would otherwise be dodgy, do I have to connect the other set of wires to the track immediately the other side of the isolated join or can it go to the power bus or to any other piece of track with orthodox polarity?

Does the make of autoreverser make any difference?

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Re: AutoReverser for DCC

Postby Bigmet » Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:30 pm

You should connect the input to the auto reverser directly to the power bus.

Ideally don't have dead sections isolated by points .

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