Old DCC systems no longer in use

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Old DCC systems no longer in use

Postby EddScott » Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:41 pm

I have 3 DCC systems that are no longer in use and was wondering if there would be any interest in them.

I'm not sure on pricing otherwise I would go straight to the for sale threads.

In particular, I have an old ZTC system which were either well regarded or not that great depending on your viewpoint at the time. I think this is more of the niche option. This is as yet untested. I'm not entirely sure how to test it if I'm honest.

Next up is a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance. Again, untested but I think I'm on more firmer ground in working out how to test it.

As far as I know, both systems worked when retired.

Finally, is my own MultiMaus Pro system. It's wireless and has the cut down version of Train Controller on CD - Roccomotion its called. This works fine just not used anymore. Whilst this one works I'm not entirely sure where to price it. I've got a rough idea so will stick it up and see if there is any interest. I guess with this one, my question is whether this system well regarded?

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Re: Old DCC systems no longer in use

Postby Bigmet » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:36 pm

The ZTC will sell, even if only to a cannibaliser to keep another ZTC system going. Nice driving features to control a single loco, clunky for multi loco operation, poor reliability, support has been problematic. Is someone actively marketing and supporting the brand? There was great 'Tara' over new ownership a couple or more years back, but it all seems very quiet now, even the enthusiast pleaders for this system's strengths seem to have faded away.

Gaugemaster is actively supported, so shouldn't be any trouble there.

Rococomotion gets good press as a low price simple entry system.

I'd search ebay to get an idea on pricing.

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