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Postby stmartins » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:59 am

I had an ESU sound decoder fitted in my Farish N gauge 4F and whilst on loan at an exhibition some kind person decided to remove the tender top and managed to rip some the wires off the decoder. ( the decoder was built into the coal load) I could not determine what wire went where from the diagram on their web site so I contacted ESU to see if they would offer me a chargeable repair. I returned the decoder the Germany and was then asked for proof of purchase ( which I supplied) Imagine my surprise when today I received and email from them stating the decoder was repaired and being returned with no charges. Some of these model companies really are good as I fully expected to be charged as it was damage rather than a faulty item. Nice work ESU I know who I will be buying sound decoders form in future.

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Postby Mountain » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:53 pm

It is stories like these which can make a company succeed through the hard times. Likewize, bad stories can break a company or business. It is very difficult to make all customers happy. One chainstore I worked for I heard a customer in another shop of the same chain bring his budget mountainbike back. It had cost him about £100 or just over. He complained it was no good off road. The manager gave him another bike instead. This was twice the value. He came back and again the same was done. In the end, he ended up with £1000 bike, ands he came back complaining to the head of the bike department, who dealt with it in the managers absence. The staff member said "OK, I will give you a refund". The guy suddenly changed his mind when he saw his refund was based on the origional purchase price! For some reason that store chain often attracted such " Customers". The staff knew what was going on but were powerless to stop it due to the store policy.
On the other side, genuine mistakes and honesty I have (As a staff member and as a head of a department during different past positions) gone out of my way to help. I once had so many stories where I was told "My boy was just riding down the road..." Yer, right! No way would a bike get in that state through doing that! Yet, once I had a man whose son had wrecked the bike he was given for Christmas. The dad was totally honest with me. I totally rebuilt the bike for him and every scratch I touched up. It took a few days work, but it was february, so the store was quiet. I gave the bike back to the man with no charge. He couldn't believe it! I'd not had to use any parts other then those rescued from scrap parts I'd rebuilt and didnt have a line number so couldn't be sold. It was a pleasure to deal with an honest customer.

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Postby Bufferstop » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:10 pm

Two lessons successful companies have learned, "Good enough isn't" and "a delighted customer is worth a hundred satisfied ones!"
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Postby End2end » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:54 pm

Well done ESU! :D
A happy customer is a returning customer! :mrgreen:
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