Hornby DCC fitted

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Hornby DCC fitted

Postby Sammo » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:15 am

I have a few Hornby locos which came DCC fitted. (No Sound) At first they seemed fine and I gave them new addresses, but: a few months later.
2 of them went out of control when I selected 003 ( in order to start up a loco I had yet to re-address ) they stopped when I turned down the speed on 003 but they took a long time to stop.

I reprogrammed them tested and then removed them from the track, When I got around to putting them back on the track a few months later, they wouldn't respond and when I put them on the program track I selected to find what address they were (in turn) and they were both 003
I ran them at 003 and they seemed fine but I don't want to have to re-address them every time I want to use them, so am replacing them with bachmann decoders I had spare, I was going to use those decoders in the split frame loco's but decided not to bother with 5 of the locos which is why I had these spare.
Generally I have been using Zimo MX 600 but as the Bachmann decoders have the 8 pin plug on, it made it easier to just change the decoder rather than solder in the unplugged zimos

Anyone any ideas
I am having a lot of strange things happen recently but cannot find anything wrong and I have over 30 loco's which I have addressed and they are still fine.
The problem isn't one where it is the same make of decoder that is failing.
The Digitrax system has worked faultlessly
I have checked the track voltage and done the shorting test everywhere as recommended, to ensure the controller can see everywhere and it has reset every time as it should so don't know what else to try.

Anyone else had problems with the Hornby DCC fitted locos?

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Re: Hornby DCC fitted

Postby SRman » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:12 am

While I haven't exactly had problems with Hornby decoders, apart from a couple burning out, they aren't particularly good decoders, with a limited current-handling abilities and no overload protection, plus only a limited range of CVs that can be adjusted.

I have a few still in use as function-only decoders, having replaced them as motor-driving decoders with better ones from other brands. Many of the Hornby decoders I have came into my possession because the items I bought were already DCC-fitted but were being sold off at bargain prices (less than the non-DCC versions) by the likes of Hattons and Rails at the time.

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Re: Hornby DCC fitted

Postby RAF96 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:06 pm

Many early factory fitted locos used the terrible amnesiac R8215 decoder, since superceded by the NMRA compliant and more reliable R8249 basic decoder.
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Re: Hornby DCC fitted

Postby alex3410 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:46 pm

The only new Hornby DCC fitted loco I have had was an A4, the chip died within a week :twisted:

swapped it out for a spare I had and it was running perfectly again in no time.

I have also had one secondhand DCC fitted Hornby loco that arrived dead, again switching out the decoder fixed the issue.

Given the choice, i would opt for a DCC ready version of the loco and fit a 3rd party decoder.

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