A DCC hand held throttle for €6,-

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A DCC hand held throttle for €6,-

Postby RudyB » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:10 pm

Thanks to the on board Ethernet of an ECoS it is possible to use iPhone or an Android phone as a handheld throttle. Always nice for precision shunting work. However ... most people prefer to have a physical knob on their remote throttle.

This was recognized by ESu / Piko, they launched their 'Mobile Control'. A nice throttle with lots of functionality. But it sets you back some 300,-.

There's also the well known Roco / Fleischmann 'Multimaus'. It has a wire, and needs to be connected to the ECos via the DCC sniffer input.

This DCC sniffer input put a thought in my mind ... would it be possible to use an Arduino to create a hand held throttle? The answer is ... yes it is. The result is a fully functional remote throttle for the price of €6,-.

More info and a video is available on the blog.

Always try to have fun - website/blog - youtube channel

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