DCC Locos with DC point switching?

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Re: DCC Locos with DC point switching?

Postby Peterm » Mon Oct 13, 2014 2:15 am

I'm on the DC control of points with DCC for running Trains. I have used a Switch8 with my Lenz LH100 and found it harder than flicking a switch for Tortoise and Cobalt motors. I'm one of those that likes to see a control panel with switches and positive route indication via led's without coughing up for a load of decoders.

Mike Parkes
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Re: DCC Locos with DC point switching?

Postby Mike Parkes » Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:15 pm

Free_at_last wrote:
Mike Parkes wrote:
Free_at_last wrote:When route setting, after selecting a route are the points then reset to normal before selecting another route or are some points just left at random positions based on their last use?

The points change for the route you want, if you subsequently set another route the points will change to that route - the ones that are already correctly set will have the point motor activated but obviously no movement takes place othe than a possible twitch of the point blades.

Are the points that were reversed in the first route but not part of the path for the second route not set to go back to normal when the second route is selected, or is "Normal" and "Reverse" not used in route selection?

Can do, just depends how you wire them up (analogue) or program the dcc system (digital). Really depends whether theres a limit to the number of point motors that can be thrown in quick succession, ie the output capabilty of a CDU on an anologue system

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Re: DCC Locos with DC point switching?

Postby georgehgv » Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:44 am

I use DCC for both Loco and Point control.

I tried Hornby Railmaster for this but just could not get on with Loco control on it but the mimic panel and direction arrows for the track was brilliant so I disconnected the track supply and put it through an NCE Powercab which feels "natural" using the thumbwheel one handed to control speed of loco and now I feel in control of the whole layout.

Railmaster has been improved by version 1:56 recently and as my layout is fairly complicated with diagonal points I also took on Propack giving me a very lifelike mimic panel. Maybe I will move on later with it to signal control and loco detection but must finish scenery etc first.
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Re: DCC Locos with DC point switching?

Postby RAF96 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:29 am

I use DC and DCC to control my points.
The DC side is by way of 3 x 6-way dual rotary switches for point selection, 2 press to make push button switches to select the coils of straight or diverge relays which then fire a CDU into the solenoids. Power is from the AC aux output of an old analogue controller.
The DCC side uses the pulse output from normal DCC accessory decoders to blip the associated relay coil which fires the CDU as per DC. I use Hornby Railmaster as a pc mimic and control panel.
You can substitute pen and screw, sprung toggle switch or any other DC points method in lieu of my rotary & pb switch system.
Switches attached to the points are used to light red/green LEDs on a physical mimic panel to provide indication of points set direction.
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