8 Pin Bachmann Cl66 Independent Lighting

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8 Pin Bachmann Cl66 Independent Lighting

Postby PTmodeller » Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:28 pm

Hello all, first time on here in a while...

I recently delved into that ominously named box ("projects") and dug out my Bachmann Class 66 which I set aside years ago part-way through converting it to individually controlled DCC lighting. It's the 8 pin board, old style lights, with top headlight vice cablights and no tail light switch. I'm using a Hornby 4 function decoder. The problem arises because I was working to a Model Rail article which I've lost. Woops. Anyway, as it stands, I can't remember what I'm doing so I wonder if any of you can answer some questions...

1) Decoders work on a common positive (blue) and then controlled returns, is that right?

2) On a Dynamis, does the light-on button represent fn0, and then the remaining three functions of the decoder are fn1, 2 & 3?

3) The marker and tail LEDs are all mounted on one very small PCB with 5 leads attached. I assume one is common and the other four control each LED - has anyone got a good way of verifying this? I can't make out the tracks on the PCB.

I'm beginning to remember why I put this bugger away....



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Re: 8 Pin Bachmann Cl66 Independent Lighting

Postby Bigmet » Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:27 am


Ask in 'General' if anyone could loan you the mag article would be one suggestion. You could even ring the MR office and buy the back number if it is available, they should be able to dig up the article ref for you.

As for mapping the decoder functions to the function keys of the DCC controller, look at the decoder's spec sheet for what CV's to enter to get them on the function keys you want.

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