TCS M1 fried!!!

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Re: TCS M1 fried!!!

Postby retiredoperator » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:37 am

Hi Big Met. and all interested parties. Thank you for your replies.
I visited that famous auction site, so I have a lot of “Cannon Fodder” half a dozen in fact one of them being the Hornby 06 Blue Diesel , funny enough a leading Magazine carried an article on DCC ing? the 06 which is still awaiting to be “done” in my case. And apparently there is enough space for a DCC Concepts Zen ZN8H Decoder along with the recommended 8 pin Decoder socket, using the socket being essential for oafs like me? And it makes it easy to change the Decoder . Trouble is that Decoder is out of stock and for my first attempt ,I thought that it best if I followed that article, to the letter. Happy modelling. Kev

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