3 way electro point

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3 way electro point

Postby Mark19 » Wed Jun 16, 2021 1:10 pm

Hi up until now I have used insulfrogs from Hornby but I thought it would be good to use a Peco 3 way point in my siding area and I thought I would try an electro frog version (wish I hadn't ) wired with 2 x GM PM1 point motors and linked to a Digitrax ds64 point decoder, any way after loads of research I think I may have the wiring correct in my mind, I will be switching it via DCC command station, any way still not going to try it until I have checked to see if I am correct and if not I hope someone can point me in the right direction the on ly thing I haven't mentioned in the diagram is the insulated fish plates that will be on the 4 inner track joints

Thanks again for your help
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Re: 3 way electro point

Postby Flashbang » Wed Jun 16, 2021 6:31 pm

Your drawing for one Seep looks to be OK But do ensure the following..

You will need two PM1 motors - one for each tie bar on the 3 way point so you will need two outputs from the Digitrax decoder.
While I don't use Digitrax items, looking at the decoders wiring instructions then...
Ensure both point motors C connect to the Digitrax P+ while A & B on the Seep connect to R & G connections on the decoder. Swap R & G if motor throws wrong way.

Don't forget that on the 3 way point the front frog wire connects to the front end motor F while the other frog wire is to the rear motors F tab. You will also have to arrange correct DCC power switching on the Seeps via D & E (with F to the frogs).
If you mount both Seeps facing in the same direction there isn't too much of a problem, but frequently due to space one seep is rotated 180 degrees from the other, this then means what connects to D on the front motor has to connect to E on the other rear motor and of course the same for the other pair front E to rear D.

BTW if you get a short on the DCC rails then reverse D & E connections on the problem motor(s)

This drawing shows frog polarity switching with both Seeps facing the same way link to drawing
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Re: 3 way electro point

Postby Mark19 » Wed Jun 16, 2021 10:31 pm


Thanks for your reply and your tips you have been very helpful and I thank you for your time


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