DCCing an old 0-4-0. Is it possible?

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Re: DCCing an old 0-4-0. Is it possible?

Postby End2end » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:51 pm

I had a major panic last night.
I managed to solder the grey wire back onto the socket and also heat shrunk all 4 wires on the socket to try to give them a little more protection.
I was looking at the motor for the connections I need to make and decided to put it back in situ to see what kind of length the wires need to be only to find the motor wouldn't fit. :o It was far too loose.
Then I realised I didnt have the top hat looking bit of plastic that sites the rear of the motor into it's mount. :evil:
I searched high and low for it and just could not find it.

Luckily this morning I had a look on the tray I moved the unfinished intercity coaches to and it was sitting in the end of one of the intercity coaches.
PHEW!!! :shock:
Still not sure how I am going to attempt the conversion but it was nearly a no go. :|
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