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Mama, Mia!

Postby Chops » Sun May 09, 2021 5:11 pm



Reviewed on Sam's Trains, this economy wonder is under the Lima Brand, hosted by Hornby, from Ali Express. Quite favorable reviews, this
piece has classic pizza cutter flanges and a husky motor, and performed remarkably well in Sam's review, and is also remarkably cheap, even
with shipping from China. So cheap, in fact, one has to wonder if its subsidized. At any rate, North Americans, worse Texans (Texas was actually
an independent nation from 1837 to 1845), regard anything with buffers as European and therefore can't tell one from the other on OO Henley.
This gives me great latitude to sneak in some Electrotren pieces that I'm quite fond of, as well.

We'll see how it runs later today, and hopefully it is not an expensive door stop. The windshield wipers are separately fitted. If I get the DCC bug, I
shall endeavor to motorize them accordingly, with a mist function.
Nessie rocks!

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