Vintage Triang, et cetera

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Vintage Triang, et cetera

Postby Chops » Sun Jan 31, 2021 9:54 am



Dapol Isle of Wight church. One of my first British structures.

Prime Pork.

1986, made in Britain, Lord of the Isles. One of my favorite pieces.

Also about 1986, made in Britain, 0-4-4. Splendid piece, I
enjoy it enormously. It is coupled to a rake of Electrotren Coaches
because at the time I couldn't find any suitable 4 wheel coaches
beyond the Hornby little coach, and I wanted something a little
more upscale, and odd looking, these fit the bill. North Americans
tend to regard anything with buffers = European = British, so I can
get away with murder.
Nessie rocks!

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Re: Vintage Triang, et cetera

Postby GeraldH » Sun Jan 31, 2021 10:03 am

That's a lovely collection. I believe that the Lord of Isles and the M7 are quite a bit older than 1986. One giveaway is the un-plated bogies wheels. I would say somewhere 1968-73? I have the old Triang/Hornby catalogues somewhere.
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Re: Vintage Triang, et cetera

Postby Mountain » Sun Jan 31, 2021 12:51 pm

I was going to say that they are older then that. If they have the words "Triang Hornby" it will be an early 1970's machine or just before. If they say just "Triang" it will be before that again. I am not awzre that Hornby did a version of the Lord of the Isles until they moved their production to China, as for many years the only way to buy a Triang version on the secondhand market. I never had one myself. The same goes for your Southern 4-4-0 which also dates from at the latest the mid 1970's or before. (My first Hornby catalogue which ended up in shreds as I read it too much was in 1978, so I know models from that date in through the 1980's and onto the early to mid 90's. I was paying less notice after then for a while).
I wasn't into Southern, even though I liked the colours, but I was into the great Western so the GWR locos would really stand out to me, so I would really pay attention, and I was a 00 gauge modeller who kept in touch with what Hornby, Lima, Mainline, Airfix and others who came later line Dapol and Replica. (Bachmann did not come into the UK scene until much later (I seem to remember around 1997 or later?)
Your Lord of the Isles model is of the loco in its earlier years as the GWR did not paint the deep red underneath for that long before they decided to use black instead. Certainly by the 1880's everything was black underneath on the GWR from what I understand.

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Re: Vintage Triang, et cetera

Postby Lysander » Sun Jan 31, 2021 10:33 pm

Triang's 'Achilles' Class 4-2-2 was only ever issued as 'The Lord of The Isles' until Hornby resuscitated it some time back and did a near yearly rerun under a variety of names either as a single loco or in boxed sets. The Hornby paint job was far superior, obviously, to the original Triang job and the newer chassis had pick-ups on the front bogie too, helping eliminate stalling on points. But otherwise, it was the same old loco with moulded handrails, little detail and a tender with those awful plastic wheels. However, it did have charm and sold quite well.

I updated this original Triang version, possibly one of the first releases, some time ago. An easy enough job if time is taken and assuming that the additional parts are still available [some many cottage industries having now ceased to exist]. I fitted the chassis from a Hornby Emily in place of the original Triang coffee-grinder and she runs very sweetly. It's a project worth doing.



'Worcester', seen above, painted in pre-1928 green and running with her dedicated rake of detailed and improved Farish GWR corridor coaches.

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Re: Vintage Triang, et cetera

Postby Chops » Sun Jan 31, 2021 11:59 pm

Great information.
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